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Printing on the Wall was born from the enthusiasm and ambition of a strong and motivated team.

With over 20 years of experience in photography and graphic design, we aim to bring your images to life.

We offer printing on:

Wall 100%
Glass 100%
Company logo 100%
Living room wallpaper 100%
Office wallpaper 100%
Corporate wallpaper 100%


We give life to your walls, we bring art to your home!

  • All
  • Wall
  • Wood
  • Glass


This technology offers us a new way to decorate indoor and outdoor spaces. The printer is mobile, that is, it can be assembled in pieces, which makes it easier to configure the height in different variants from 1.6 m to 4 m..

Horizontal surfaces

For horizontal surfaces that are not flat and tiled the printer has a rolling system to produce a quality job

UV Ink

The use of highly pigmented, eco-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, non-allergenic UV ink makes it suitable for sensitive environments and harmless to adults, children and pets.

After printing

The ink hardens immediately, has a high gloss and is resistant to scratches and abrasion

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